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A Glimpse of the Senate

This November marked my first year in the Senate and so a time for reflection.  

It’s such a privilege to be in this place in so many ways.  Having cut my policy teeth in Ontario I now have the opportunity to examine rich policy and legislative initiatives through a more complex national lens.

I work with a smart and experienced group of Senators, committed professional staff.  And what I might call an ‘interesting’ mix of policy and politics.  

In view of my public policy background I have an interest in evidence-informed policy making, starting with a good understanding  of the problems we are trying to fix or the opportunities we are seeking to exploit.

I’ve generally found that good data drives good policy. 

This has been the case in the two bills I have sponsored over the past 12-months: the first dealing with reform of the Canada Pension Plan and now Bill C-45 on cannabis reform. 

Both have as their goal a healthier future for young Canadians and both started with an open-eyed assessment of current challenges.  

This is how I’m heading into year two and it couldn’t feel better, except ... if we can just tweak our processes a little to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our debates I would feel that I’ve really arrived.