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Understanding Youth Perceptions on Cannabis

On Wednesday, December 13th, Senator Dean hosted the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse where they gave a presentation on “Youth Perceptions on Cannabis”. This information session addressed the risk of harms of cannabis use on young people and reviewed a study by the CCSA regarding youth perceptions on cannabis. As you know, Bill C-45, which proposes to legalize and restrict access to cannabis, is currently at Second Reading in the Senate. Do not hesi…
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NEWS RELEASE: Senator Dean recognizes eight Ontario community volunteers

Ottawa, December 8, 2017 – Senator Tony Dean is pleased to announce the names of eight worthy recipients of the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal. Senator Dean awarded medals to these exceptional community volunteers in recognition of their selfless commitment to serving Canadians most in need of support. The medal program is a Senate of Canada initiative to honour Canadians for their community service. "I saw this as a terrific opportunity to recognize those who give of…
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OP-ED: Why Cannabis Legalization Can't Wait

Senator Tony Dean Some of my senatorial colleagues worried aloud recently that the summer deadline for passing legislation that would legalize and strictly regulate cannabis is too tight. Based on old Senate debating habits, they may have an argument. But given the importance of this legislation for public health and harm reduction, there are improvements we can make to the way we do business that can ensure both expeditious passage and sober second thought. Bill C-45 is in the final stage of…
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OP-ED: Senate in Transition - Observations from a Rookie Senator

Senator Tony Dean Canada’s Senate has taken some knocks over the past few years and, as recent events show, it still is. These issues have rubbed salt into public disenchantment with a 150-year-old institution and Senators who are still working with 150-year-old job descriptions. The stakes are high because we are talking about Canadians’ confidence in one of the country’s most important democratic institutions. But there are signs of a brighter future for the red chamber. Without this a numb…
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