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Statement on Public Servants

Honourable senators, I rise today to speak briefly about Canada’s public servants.

Over the past two years, I have been struck, as I know many of you have been, by the professionalism, the skills, the commitment and the terrific non-partisan advice we receive from Canada’s public servants. We saw this as recently as this past weekend when we had officials here to support their ministers in the discussions we had at that time.

I also take this opportunity to salute those public servants who operate at the provincial, territorial and municipal levels of government in this country.

Honourable senators, for the most part, Canadians go to sleep at night and sleep well because they know and assume that somebody is protecting their food and water; that there will be a reliable supply of energy; that hospitals will be open and running; that schools will be open and running the following morning; that our environment is protected; and that our political leaders are receiving sound, solid and evidence-based advice. Those services are being provided by our public servants right across this great country.

Today, I want to recognize and thank public servants for the work they do. Alongside them, I thank our own dedicated staff who, with us and through us, also support the public every day. I thank them for their commitment and hard work in serving Canadians, and for continuing to renew and grow Canada’s recognition around the globe for its fine and advanced system of democratic governance.